ERC - Global Advantage - Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Santo Domingo,
Dominican Republic

Two strategically located, state-of-the-art facilities, only an hour away.

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Durban is a fast-growing commercial hub with excellent infrastructure...

With excellent infrastructure for end-to-end customer engagement, a strong emerging economy, a stable democracy and a mild-weather environment.

What really sets it apart is its people—a team who are as talented and motivated as they are culturally aligned to the U.S. As ERC’s premiere far-shore offering, South Africa presents a value that is not only comparable to other countries, but far greater.

Opportunity in the

Dominican Republic


Only two hours away from the Florida coast, less than four from NYC, and with five international airports. The Dominican Republic is a place like no other, featuring astounding nature, intriguing history, and rich culture.

Political Stability taking 6th place in the World Bank Governance Indicators, being greater than at least 15 Latin American countries

Most increased growth in Latin America 2012-2016, main FDI recipient in the Caribbean.

Free trade agreements with 48 countries that facilitate negotiations and access to 900 million consumers.

Protection and incentive to foreign investment, highly supported by the Dominican government


DR is the second largest and most diverse Caribbean country known for its warm and hospitable people and has the second-highest English proficiency in all nearshore offerings.

Significant U.S. Affinity & Cultural Alignment that resonates with our US customers.

Motivated and flexible workforce, ready to elevate your customer experience.

Spanish, English and French-speaking population available to adapt to customer needs.


The Dominican Republic utilizes the most modern and cost-efficient IT and telecommunication systems in the region.

Dual interconnected data centers (Jacksonville & Chicago) with auto-failover to protect your data.

Complies to the most rigorous regulatory and legislative requirements in client geography.

Industry-Leading Certifications recognized nationally and internationally.


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